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GEOMET® 321 is applied to fasteners and different metallic parts as corrosion protection and they are used in many industries. GEOMET® 321 can be used together with top coatings such as PLUS®, DACROLUB® or GEOKOTE® to provide a wide range of coefficients of friction. It is the most common product used in zinc flake technology.

-Thin dry-film, non-electrolytic.

-Water-based chemical. Passivated zinc and aluminum as a binder, patented chemistry.

-Alternative to DACROMET® 320, Chrome Free.

-Metallic silver appearance.

Characteristics and Performance*

-The friction coefficient can be adjusted according to the targeted values ​​from 0.06 to 0.20 with the selected top coating of NOF METAL COATING GRUP.

-It can be used with or without a top coat.

-No hydrogen embrittlement.

-Excellent assembly and multi-tightening behavior. (with lubricated top coating)

-Good mechanical and chemical damage resistance. (test method D24 1312, USCAR 32)

-Performance is maintained at high temperatures. (up to 300°C)

-Paintable coating.

-Electrical conductivity for most applications.

-Bimetallic compatibility with aluminum.


It is done in 2 ways, the first one is Electro Galvanized coating and the second one is Hot Dip Galvanized coating. With the hot-dip galvanizing method, the coating is done by dipping the material into the molten zinc (460C°). In this way, oxidation is prevented and the life of the metals is extended, cutting off the air contact prevents rusting. Oxygen interacts with the metal, causing abrasions (rust), and the pieces are separated from the metal in layers, the strength of the metal decreases, and the image becomes dirty. Rusting is not only a visual defect, but also a chemical reaction that corrodes metal. With galvanization, a population is created on the metal in the coating, this population penetrates into every corner, inside, surface and cavities of the metal. It is applied to galvanized, iron or steel. Wear resistance is increased by coating the metal with zinc. The best way to prevent rust is coating application. The coating thickness decreases and loses every year, that is, zinc disappears in certain amounts every year, which allows the life to be determined beforehand. Since zinc is more reactive than iron or steel, first the zinc galvanized coating corrodes, protecting the iron or steel in the substrate.

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