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STC CIVATA Industry and Trade Inc. was established to manufacture fasteners by Sanayi Ticaret, which has been supplying high quality bolts and fasteners to the construction machinery industry for years.

Our company partners and employees, with their long years of experience, aim to offer you the most perfect products by producing the most suitable solutions for your demands and expectations, constantly improving the production quality within the technological possibilities.

The needs of our customers can be met in a short time with the production of 10.9 and 12.9 quality hot forged bolts, wheel bolts and nuts, special size bolts or bolts that are difficult to supply, which we specialize in, and needed by the construction machinery and construction industry. Our company, located in Ostim, the center of industry in Ankara, helps us to provide the fastest service to our customers. Our goal is to offer our customers “original quality and equivalent products at the most affordable price”.

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